1.) Create  VisualConfirm™ Barcode
2.) Take Pictures  / Video of your product, packaging, and shipping label. (Just suggestions, use your imagination)
3.) Scan your VisualConfirm™ barcode, which pulls up your pre-filled confirmation email.
4.) Attach Pictures / Video to email, below your message.
5.) Send Email
For a more detailed "How To" visit the Learn More page.

Sample Subject:
Your (Your Company Name) Order has Shipped - VisualConfirm™ Notification

Sample Email Body Message:
We just wanted to say  thank you, and that we appreciate your business very much. Your order was just processed and is awaiting pickup from the shipping carrier later today. When the carrier picks up your order later today, you will receive another email with a clickable/live tracking number.

We are testing out Visual Order Confirmations, we would love to hear what you think about it. Should it stay or should it go?

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