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Q: What is VisualConfirm™?

A: VisualConfirm™ is a Visual Confirmation (pictures / video) of your customers' order, the product, packaging and label, sent to them via email, the minute it is packaged and ready to go. Unlike a normal (and boring) tracking # that may be emailed to the customer, late in the day and after the courier or shipping company has picked up the package.

Q: Why should my company use VisualConfirm™?

A: The answer to this question is too long to post here. There are so many reason you should be using VisualConfirm™. We go into great detail, on this very question on our Learn More page.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: 0, Zilch, Notta, Nothing. This project started out as a customer service experiment  for our main eCommerce site FastPack Packaging Shipping Supplies. We have gotten so much positive feedback, we figured we would share our VisualConfirm™ technology with the world! There are costs associated with this service. If you would like to show us some love and help out, we would love to become your primary source for the Shipping Supplies - Packaging Supplies that you use everyday to send out products to your customers.

Q: Why was VisualConfirm™ created? What problem does it solve?

A: Great question. We go into great detail, on this very question on our Learn More page.

Q: When I scan the VisualConfirm™ barcode, the information is incompete or has extra characters?

A: Try another App, there are numerous FREE barcode scanning apps available. Some work better on older devices, some on newer, some work better on Android, some on IOS devices. Also we find that much more than three to four sentences, and a signature may start to cause issues. You may find short and sweet works better.

Q: You mention using a Smartphone or other device? Does it need to have cellular service?

A: You can use any Smartphone, it does not have to have cellular service, you only need wifi in order to send emails, and a camera and free scanner app to scan the barcode. iPods work well also. We have yet to test using a Kindle, but assume if it has wifi, email, a camera and a barcode scanning app, it should work too! (Most old smart phones that you no longer use or have cellular service, can still be used to run apps and email, as long as you have wifi)