Welcome to VisualConfirm™! This tutorial will show you the most effective way to use the VisualConfirm™ system.

VisualConfirm™ is a Visual Confirmation (pictures / video) of your customers order, the product, packaging and label,  sent to them via email, as soon as it is packaged and ready to go. Unlike a normal (and boring) tracking # that may be emailed to the customer, late in the day and after the courier or shipping company has picked up the package. 

How it Works:

1.) Create a Free VisualConfirm™ Barcode using your desktop or laptop computer. You can print the barcode, or scan right off the computer screen.

2.) Take a couple pictures / video of the product, product in box with Bubble Wrap®, & shipping label. Anything goes, get creative with it.

VisualConfirm-dog-harness-product VisualConfirm-dog-harness-in-box VisualConfirm-dog-harness-in-box-with-shipping-label
3.) Scan the Barcode with your Smartphone or other device, utilizing a free barcode reading app. (This opens a pre-filled email to your customer) We use the Red Laser app here, it works on Android and Apple Devices, and it is free.


4.) Attach Pictures / Video to email that you took in step 2

VisualConfirm-email-on-phone-attaching-pictures attaching-pictures-to-email-using-VisualConfirm

5.) Send Email

Total time about 15-20 Seconds using VisualConfirm™.
The "Old" Way

9:00am Customer places order
9:01am Automated Invoice sent to customer via email
9:15 - 9:20am You print, pick and package the order
4:45pm Shipping Courier picks up and scans parcels, and the system sends a tracking # by email to customer
2-7 Days later they see their item for the first time


The VisualConfirm™ Way

9:00am Customer places order
9:01am Automated Invoice sent to customer via email
9:15 - 9:20am You print, pick and package the order
*9:20:00am You create a VisualConfirm™ barcode,
*9:20:03am You take 2-3 pictures / video of your product, packaging, and shipping label
*9:20:08am Scan the VisualConfirm™ Barcode with a smartphone, this opens a pre-addressed, pre-filled email
*9:20:10am Attach the 2-3 pictures / video you took earlier, below the text in the email on your device
*9:20:15am Hit the Send Email button
4:45pm Shipping Courier picks up and scans parcels, and the system sends a tracking # by email to customer

*VisualConfirm™ Steps, took only 15 seconds total.

15 additional seconds added a ton of value at little to no cost. What are the benefits of using VisualConfirm™? We thought you would never ask! Let us count the ways.:
1.) Value Added Service: Pictures of  the product ordered; the crisp, clean and adequate packaging ; and the label to verify address was entered correctly? Who does this!? You are providing a value added service to your customer, your competition isn't doing this. You are now offering more value than your competition, people like value and come back for more. 
2.) Instant Gratification: Your customer is blown out of the water by this very 21st century VisualConfirm™ email with pictures and/or video, and possibly shares these pictures and your companies website url with friends on social media. This all happens minutes after you packed their order, not once they received it 2-7 days later. Their satisfaction level is already through the roof, before the product even leaves your warehouse
3.) Order Review: Customer receives an email with photos, as soon as it is packaged. If they see an error, they can, and probably will reply and let you know. If the shipping address is incorrect, or if you packed the wrong product or variation of the product, you can correct it before the courier picks up for the day. Yes, I agree, nobody likes to go back and make changes, BUT returns are costly, and exchanges even costlier. So if the customer reports an error with the shipping address, or that an incorrect item is being sent to them, this saves you a ton of cash! Address correction fees average $13.00 per package, well worth the five minutes it takes to correct an order.
4.) Tracking# Please: Cuts down on those emails and calls asking "is my order is shipping today", "what is my tracking #", etc. VisualConfirm™, shows them, minutes after the order is processed, not at 5:00pm when you close out your shipping software and automated tracking# emails go out.
5.) Conversation: If this does not create a conversation between you and your customer, I am not sure what will. Business is about relationships, relationships is about conversations. This just opened the door to a beautiful relationship.
6.) It's all about the Packaging: You sent your customer photos of their product, safely packaged in a crisp new cardboard shipping box, wrapped in Bubble Wrap® and other packaging showing them that you took the utmost care in shipping their order. If the box arrives damaged and dirty they may be more understanding knowing that you did not send it out this way.
7.) Quality Control: Want to see how your shipping department is doing? Pull up the sent folder of the email used to send VisualConfirm™ emails (or the photos folder of the actual device used to send these), this way you can see the quality of the Product, Packaging, Shipping Supplies, Boxes, Marketing Materials etc. that is being shipped to your customers.
8.) Accountability: Both the Shipper, and customer have pictures of the items shipped. Customer tells you they received a blue vase, but ordered a red one? Or maybe they ordered two vases, but only received one? Right away you are able to pull up your copy of this customers VisualConfirm™ email and confirm this. Or if it was delivered broken or damaged you can go back and evaluate the protective packaging used and if your shipping policies should be changed.
9.) Productivity: You can also see the time between emails, showing how productive the shipping department is. (Sorry shipping department.)
Those are just some of the ways that benefit you as a Shipper. Never mind the benefits your customer receives that you may not be able to put a monetary value on.