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What is VisualConfirm™?

VisualConfirm™ is a order confirmation tool on steroids, but yet, so much more! It works worldwide. It works with shipments within the same city, state, country, even international shipments. It can be used for shipments of any size, using any courier, or shipping service. It works if you are shipping small parcels or packages, LTL or Full Truckload shipments. The possibilities are endless! Oh did we mention, It's FREE!

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It is super easy to create a Free VisualConfirm™ email. Your customers will love it! Create a VisualConfirm™ barcode. Take a few photos of the Product, Parcel, & Label that will be Shipped. Scan the customers VisualConfirm™ Barcode with Smartphone or other device. Attach Photos and / or Video to Email,  Send Email. Total Time: 15-20 Seconds. The benefits are endless! 

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